Parent Advice

Some Questions Answered

Getting the correct shoes for your kid’s is very important but for many parents it can be such a confusing and daunting job. On a daily basis I am asked questions by confused parents about their kid’s shoes, when, how often, why etc…etc.

So I have listed a few of the more frequently asked questions below and added my response which will hopefully make the whole process clearer for you.

Does my child need prewalkers?

I will always say to parents that barefeet is best. However, barefeet is not always a practical option. Prewalkers are a very, very soft early shoe that are very flexible and offer the foot protection, warmth and grip if they are sliding on wooden floors or tiles. It allows the feet to feel the ground which is vital at this early stage as this is how the children will keep their balance. Ideal for children who are cruising around furniture and may have taken some independent steps, but are not ready for 1st shoes yet.

My child is walking a week on his own. Does he need 1st shoes?

1st shoes are the next step on from prewalkers. In order to go into 1st shoes I like to see a child walking independently for approximately 6-8 wks. They will no longer resort to crawling, be on their feet most of the day and be very confident walkers and runners. At this point they will be doing “heel to toe” like an adult and are ready for a stronger sole unit and a shoe that offers more support. When trying on a 1st shoe a child’s reaction to them will let you know if they are ready or not.

Why am I told a different shoe size in all the different shops!

Unfortunately there is nothing universal about shoe measuring and shoe fitting. Each shop will have different measuring gauge and on top of that each brand will measure differently. Some brands are long fitting while others can be short fitting…..Confused? That’s why it is important to get your kid’s feet measured by a qualified fitter who will help find the best fit.

How often should I get my kid’s feet measured?

This depends on the age of the child. Up to the age of 4 years, a child’s foot will grow on average 2 ½ sizes and they should be checked every 8-10 wks. From the age of 4 years + growth slows down to 1 size per year and therefore I would get them checked every 3-4 months.

Why should I buy Waterproof shoes/boots?

Waterproof shoes/boots will keep your child’s feet completely dry and allow them to breath at the same time. It is a great option in the Winter as wet feet will result  in cold feet hence our kids are prone to colds and infections. The majority of our Winter boots are waterproof and are proving more popular year on year.